What are the delivery charges?
As it is our policy to make exquisite art & handicrafts products accessible & available to you at a decent price, we keep delivery charges separate &
transparent for you. The delivery charges vary depending on your location. Since, we incur significant logistics & packaging costs on all products, 
charging for delivery ensures that you are committed to buy genuine products made by artists. The delivery charge may be waived off, if you shop with us 
for a minimum predefined value. 

What is the estimated delivery time?

Why is the delivery time not fixed? / Why does the delivery time vary with products?
There is a time period related to every product 'request' you make. Also, if you've asked for customization, there is an added time. Hence, the time 
to delivery varies. Also, it is possible that the artist or our courier partners have a holiday or there is a non-working day/Sunday in between. In this
case, we add a day or two to delivery. Some courier partners and artists do not work on Sundays and this is considered in the delivery dates.
Angles takes care to ensure that the product is packed well & delivered to you without damages. 9826050032 22-10-2015