Is Angles a selling platform? Does Angles sell paintings, sculptures & handicrafts?

Angles is a platform that connects artists with buyers. Angles is a home shop that works closely with artists, and helps in the ‘Marketing & Sales’ of their products using technology. We also suggest variations in their design & choice of material after studying market response. We curate the products & showcase the best ones. We process the orders by procuring products from artists & take care of packaging, logistics & end delivery to customers.

How does Angles choose products?

Our preference is for quality & uniqueness. Our team tests the products before they get a place on our catalog.

Why is there a ‘Request Cart’ instead of ‘Shopping Cart’, if Angles is an online home shop?

Each art piece is crafted carefully & painstakingly by artists. Artists are continuously experimenting with different styles in a single piece. Also, we roll out test products here & depending on the response from customers like you, roll out it in greater quantities. Since art is not manufactured through ‘Assembly Line’, it is possible that a product would have just a single no. in stock.  Hence, every order that you place is a request to an artist to create a similar piece JUST FOR YOU. Hence, Angles works through a ‘Request Cart’ instead of a ‘Shopping cart’.

OK. How much time does it take for a product to reach me after I’ve requested for it through a ‘Request Cart’?

For a regular product, available in stock, we process the ‘Request Cart’ in 7 business days. For customization requested on products or bulk orders, we consult with the artists & individually communicate to you the time to delivery for each product.

What if I do not get delivery within the promised time?

You get a discount coupon on your next purchase with us.

Can I also request products of my choice i.e. can I request some customization? / Can I get variations in size & color for a product displayed?

Of course. Which is why some of our products are marked ‘Can be customized’. This mark makes it clear that this product can be customized for you in some aspects like size & color, subject to terms & conditions. Read more on ‘Customization & Bulk Orders’ here. Else, please contact us at contact@angles.co.in.

Can I request products that are not displayed here i.e. can the artists make a COMPLETELY customized product as per my idea or understanding? / Can I order in bulk?

Yes. This can be done. In fact, we fulfill bulk orders and custom corporate orders for occasions like – Diwali, New Year gifting and even for conferences or events . But you have to understand that this being an ENTIRELY CUSTOMIZED product for you, Angles can process your request only after judging its feasibility in terms of – time, budget, etc. Read more on ‘Customization & Bulk Orders’ here. Further, you can call us at 9685 303030 or mail to us at contact@angles.co.in

What if I receive a damaged product?

We request the customer to check the products at the time of delivery. If it is damaged, the customer gets a replacement of a similar product in the next 15 days. If the product is damaged after it has been delivered, it is the customer’s responsibility.

What if I wish to replace a product?

Since we are dealing with rare hand crafted art products, usually with single pieces in stock, we have a no-replacement policy on our products. The customer is requested to throughly check & make sure before placing products in ‘Request Cart’.

Can I cancel my order?

You can cancel your order as long as your ‘Request Cart’ is under ”. Once, the ‘Request Cart’ is , you will have to pay for the order placed.

How can I track the status of my 'Request Cart?

You can track your current & previous orders by logging into your account and under the ” section.

How do I pay for an order? ? What are the payment modes available?

Currently, we only have one payment option i.e. COD or ‘Cash on Delivery’.

Where is my account? When is it created? What all can I do with it?

Account Creation : Your account is created when you first place a ‘request’ with us. We ask you to provide us with necessary details to create your account. Alternatively, you can also login using Facebook. We send you the username & password details in the e-mail id you mention.

Account Access : You can access your account by logging in using your username & password. You will see all your account functions on the link ‘My Account’ on the top right hand corner above main menu.

Account Functions : You can edit your account details like addresses, password, etc. You can view & track status of your orders. You can also view your wishlist.

What is the 'Wish list'?

Many a times, you like a product but would be interested in buying it at a later date or time. You can add these products to your wish list. later on, you may buy these.

What is a 'pre-order'?

We are continually experimenting & coming up with newer products & concepts. We list products on our site that are in the making & would be available some time later in the future. You can reserve such a product for yourself, by ‘pre-ordering’ such products. This ensures that when the products are ready, you get your product irrespective of stock availability!

Are there any extra charges for a 'pre-order'?

No. You pay 60% of the product cost at the time of ‘pre-order’ & remaining 40% at the time of delivery.

How do I clean the product or take care of it? / But I didn’t know that I had to handle the product so delicately!

Which is why we mention ‘Care & Maintenance’ with each product description. We also request you to read these before you checkout of your ‘Request Cart’.